The Six Best and Crazy Valentine Gifts for Fiance

IndianShoppingSiteLet’s have a quick discussion on some of the craziest gifts for your fiance. We will move from one gift idea to another and try compiling many ideas in different paragraphs. Short and brief description with reasons would make the bog an interesting read.

Think of blood instead of heart

Most v day gifts for fiance come in the shape and color of heart that is red but for men, it is stuff that matters most than the design or color. Come valentine and there is so much of heart and its shapes and color that people become bored. But you can make a difference for your fiance. Choose a heart shaped gift that is as red and thrilling as blood.

Cactus is better than roses

Cactus is a plant that you would never want to send to your fiance but if you give a close look to this plant, you will understand its value. It isn’t a rose but rose has become too common to express your feelings and love before your fiance. Cactus comes in attractive designs and a perfectly manicured cactus could become a perfect love gift.

Rugged and woodsy fragrance perfume

Probably it is craziest of all the crazy valentines day ideas for fiance. Gift him a perfume that smells like a campfire. The smell will work like an adrenaline rush in your fiance and he will feel elated. The fragrance will bring out the man in your fiance out and bring him close to reality.

Spa doesn’t show care but a shaving kit does

Gifting a free spa token could be an expression of love and care but your fiance would appreciate, if you could gift him something that shows that you are concerned about his look. Men are very conscious about their facial hair including nose-hair. A complete shaving kit would be a complement for your fiance.

Champagne is a party drink but bubbly beer is men’s choice

Spending money on buying an expensive bottle of Champagne will be a waste as your finance isn’t going to understand your message of love hidden inside the bottle. But if you could send him a bottle of beer of his choice, he will understand that you rely on him. It would be the best of all the v day gifts for fiance.

Chocolate no but chocolate covered meat yes

Your fiance isn’t a child that he will be delighted to see a box of chocolates. He will smile and distribute the chocolates among kids. Also it will be too formal to send him sweets. But you can send him meat steaks covered with chocolate. Try this to say that care about his taste buds and appetite.

The above mentioned valentines day ideas for fiance could be crazy but they are close to reality. If you ask your fiancé, what he likes most, he will first smile and then give the answer that will bring you in a state of awe. Every man likes things that have masculine touch.

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